float ambassadors

Float Ambassadors are leaders within the community who understand and appreciate the benefits of Floating. Their role is to go out in the community and help spread the word about Floating through their contacts, social media and events. In return, an ambassador receives unlimited free floats!


Meet our Ambassadors!

Ali Vincent   

Occupation: Motivational Speaker, Plexus Worldwide Ambassador and Avid Wellness Seeker

Hobbies: I love crafts and putting together events. Some my call me a Pintrest fanatic. I love Pilates, swimming, cycling, FLOATING, hanging out at my lake house reading. I’m constantly striving to be the best me I can be and helping others do the same. I love working on my health and wellness from the inside out!

Why do you float?  Ten years ago my life changed when I went on a reality show called The Biggest Loser. As a result of winning the show I went on to live a very hectic, fun, bizarre, stressful, exciting life. I found myself having a lot of anxiety and found it very hard to calm myself and just be present. Floating came into my life at the most poignant time in my life where I found myself severely depressed. I found it on a bunny trail through the internet that started after looking up Jane McGonigal because I was reading her book Reality is Broken, which led me to her twin sister which led me to Joe Rogan which led me to floating. I was so intrigued by the testimonials of floating. I actually know Joe Rogan from another lifetime ago and for him to be able to share the spiritual, creativity, relaxed, out of this world state that he was able to get to through floating I knew I needed to to do it. I tracked down a spa in San Francisco and floated for the 1st time, I was hooked! I find that floating helps me feel more relaxed, rested, and ready to take on what ever comes my way. I can walk into an appointment completely wound so tight I feel as if I could explode at any moment to walking out an hour later being present and knowing everything is going to be all right.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?  Since I started floating I find myself feeling more inspired and ready to participate in a positive way in the world. I also have the physical benefits of not feeling twice my age when I get up in the mornings!.

Why Renew?  Why us? I love ReNew because of the clean, relaxed environment and let’s be real Kelly is amazing 😉 If I were to pick one hashtag that sums up my life when I’m floating regularly it would be #FindYourSelf

Abigail Greff   

Bio Photo

Occupation:  Nanny for 2 darling girls 10 and 7

Hobbies:  Hiking, anything on the water, spin, yoga, a good book, a glass of wine.

Why do you float?  I float because the calm and peace it brings me is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating. I personally fall into a deep level of sleep with in 15 minutes of entering the pod.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?   Floating brings me clarity and peace. It helps with my day to day aches and pains. When I am done I feel so refreshed.

Why Renew?  Why us?  I love Renew Float because the entire experience is absolutely wonderful. Everything from the friendly staff, the soundproof rooms, top of the line equipment,  and ease of scheduling. If you haven’t, you need to try Renew Float and #FindYourself


Elena Shaw


Occupation:  Food server at The Post Street Ale House, Spin Instructor at The Union, Front Desk at The Union and student at Whitworth University

Hobbies:  Being outdoors is my favorite. Biking, hiking , camping, just about anything active outside. I love to test out new recipes in the kitchen. Im always looking for a new book to binge read.

Why do you float?  I float to de-stress and center myself. This is a time where I can let go of everything and just “be”

What benefits have you experienced from floating?  Floating has helped my center myself and find clarity. I carry a lot of tension in my back and shoulders and floating has given me a release of this pain.

Why Renew?  Why us?  The staff at Renew is very welcoming and thoughtful. I love that it’s centrally located in Kendall Yards. The rooms and pods are always clean. I feel comfortable and always leave feeling refreshed.

Lance Kissler


Occupation:  Marketing

Hobbies:  Golf, volleyball, volunteering in the community, tennis, video games

Why do you float?  Floating helps me relax since I carry a lot of stress with all of my commitments at work and in the community.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?  Being able to relax in a quiet environment. Taking my mind off the everyday things.

Why Renew?  Why us?   The staff is friendly. I like supporting local businesses. They have a great facility.

Trevor Werttemberger


Occupation:  Marketing and Sales for a regional commercial printer

Hobbies:  Travel (current tally: nearly 35 states and 20 countries), concocting culinary creations in the kitchen, family, anything on the water or related to Gonzaga University and good books

Why do you float?  I first floated for the relaxation benefits. Sleep has always been elusive and I was hoping to find something to relax my body and mind.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?  In addition to relaxation, I find floating offers relief for muscle and joint aches and pains and a reflective, almost meditative experience

Why Renew?  Why us?  I love that the owner and staff are so passionate and knowledgeable about floating and that the spa is brand new and perfectly located


Mary Ann Ruddis

Occupation:  Non-profit executive director, writer

Hobbies:  Reading, travel

Why do you float?  I think the world would be a better place if everyone floated. I’m doing my part.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?  Floating relaxes and centers me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Why Renew?  Why us?  Because the owners are terrific and I want to help them succeed so that more people will discover floating and the world will be a better place.


Rachel Rowley

Occupation: Spin Teacher / Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Hobbies:   I am a gym rat, addicted to spin, geek out on nutrition and clean eating and am a total self-development junkie.

Why do you float?  I float for recovery first, for relaxation as well as to detox and for spiritual growth.

What benefits have you experienced from floating?    I’ve experienced incredible relief with a long term injury that hasn’t been alleviated by other treatments (pt, massage or chiro)  I’ve been able to get clear on some big changes in my life and what I want to be up to.  Something about floating gets me in touch with my higher truth and the questions and answers that have come up for me have been incredibly healing.

Why Renew?  Why us?  I love that you are centrally located, doesn’t cost to park and I know the owners are athletes and have incredible character and customer service which I value highly.