From our clients:

September 5, 2018

Floating while pregnant is the best relaxation I have found! My body felt so good I almost forgot I was pregnant!

I had gone to the float spa a few times before being pregnant and really appreciated the peacefulness and the amazing stretching I could do when all my muscles were warmed up in the water. Being pregnant, I had avoided going because I felt like all my issues – heartburn, indigestion, baby kicking me whenever I lay down – would just mean I would not be able to enjoy my float… but I was totally wrong! My husband convinced me to go try it again at 36 weeks pregnant and WOW – I wish I had gone EARLIER!! Laying in the water felt so good – all my muscles relaxed – the low back pain, rib pain, abdominal pain all felt like it was almost gone. The buoyancy in the Epsom salt water just made all the muscles feel better and I really think the magnesium in the water has helped with a lot of muscular spasms I have been suffering as well. Amazingly, the baby was totally calm even though laying down usually makes him start moving and even my heartburn was not an issue. It felt so good, I nearly forgot I was pregnant – it was seriously the best I have felt in months! When I left my first session, I knew I wanted to come back as much as possible!! I have made it in for 3 more floats since then and every time it has been the same – it just feels great – the best relaxation I can possibly get while pregnant!

– Laura D


December 2, 2016

Every single one of my friends HAVE to try this!! Facility is gorgeous, clean, with fabulous organic lotion, shampoo & conditioner with body wash so you can really take advantage of the big ‘rain’ shower head. So classy, you feel pampered before you even float! Love the staff!! Knowledgeable, helpful & awesome! They want you to have the BEST experience. Treat yourself, �% worth every penny!!
Perfect for my Mom & Daughter day! � We can’t wait until we can do it again!!  – T.T.


October 13, 2016

I’ve floated twice now, and each time the experience gets better. Some of my friends have fallen asleep while floating and awoke relaxed and refreshed. I’m looking forward to having that experience, too. The staff is friendly, prices reasonable, and facilities are clean. -L.K.


October 9, 2016

At first I had a hard time relaxing ( mostly my inability to do so) also I was nervous about the darkness but was able to overcome that. Once I did I truly was relaxed, I lost total track of time which is difficult for me. I would try it again and now that I know what to expect I think I would be able to relax faster.
The facility was very clean and the owner very nice and informative.  – L.M.


August 25, 2016

One of the most relaxing and therapeutic environments. As busy as we are today as a society it’s a blessing to be able to disconnect and let the stress melt away. The staff is wonderful as well! – B.B.


August 7, 2016

In LOVE with floating. Relaxation for your body, and mind. This has helped me with body aches from the gym, insomnia, and with just clearing my mind. I now float once a week, and can’t imagine a week without it. The owners are very knowledgeable, and helpful. Amazing place to float.  -J.M.A.